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jmke 16th June 2009 22:34

Gainward GTS 250 2048MB Limited Edition
It is no secret that the question about the amount of onboard video memory a contemporary graphics adapter needs is one of the eternal questions in the consumer 3D graphics industry that keeps surfacing over and over again as the games evolve. Many gaming fans with years of experience should remember the times when users were arguing about the benefits of having 128MB of memory vs 64MB, and the benchmarks often showed that there was no serious performance gain so it didn’t make sense to pay extra money for additional memory.

The biggest advantage it ever gets over GeForce GTS 250 1GB makes only 6% in Сrysis Warhead and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in 1920x1200 resolution. The average performance gain is less than 1% in up to 1680x1050 resolutions inclusive and is barely past this mark in 1920x1200, so it can actually be neglected. Especially, since it doesn’t provide a sufficient advantage in any of the games, so that the user could feel it without having resorted to testing tools like Fraps.

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