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jmke 19th June 2006 18:09

Gainward 7950 GX2 is the wanna-have top-end card
Nvidia dropped the price to a reasonable sub $/ 600, or around 400 in the UK, so now this card really goes after ATI's X1900 XTX as a single card rather than an attack on Crossfire X1900 XTX systems. To make it even more difficult for ATI, Gainward and Nvidia cut the price further at press time, down to 525, while ATI dropped the price of a single X1900XTX to 399 to stave off the attack from Nvidia's new beast.

jmke 19th June 2006 18:10

high end cards are suddenly becoming might accessible, combine that with CPU price drops, and by the end of the summer you can build yourself a killer game rig under 1000 :)

geoffrey 20th June 2006 22:48


The Senile Doctor 21st June 2006 12:31

they'll have to make sure their nextgen highend card gets to be faster than this one :p

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