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Stefan Mileschin 7th June 2012 06:40

GAEMS G155 Sentry suitcase for Xbox 360 hands-on
Gamer on the go? Sure, Nintendo's 3DS or Sony's PS Vita might get you by, but neither can quite deliver the full-bore experience of a home console. To get their fix, Xbox 360 gamers with room for one more carry-on will want to turn to GAEMS. The company is showing off its G155 Sentry "personal gaming and entertainment environment" at E3 this year -- a so-called PGE. It's basically a suitcase into which you strap an Xbox 360 before connecting it to the integral LCD and more powerful stereo speakers (complete with Bose-style bass channel). That LCD is a 15-inch, LED-backlit 720p model with pretty terrible viewing angles, just like the older G155. In fact, we're hard-pressed to see many differences here between the currently available G155 and this beyond what looks to be a shinier logo on the back -- which you can replace with custom ones for a bit of customization. It does appear to be very well constructed, a suitably safe way to lug your console about. Check out some more pictures in the gallery below, and tune back in soon when we check out the so-called Project Vanguard, which we're told is a properly all-new design.

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