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jmke 28th April 2008 10:13

Futuremark Vantage DX10 run on ATI 3870X2 and NVIDIA 9800GX2
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Chilehardware ran the latest 3DMark which is DX10 only on ATI HD3870X2 and NVIDIA 9800GX2. No details on what benchmark setting was used. The default Performance setting on 3DMark Vantage runs at 1280x1024, but there are other modes available with resolution up to 1920x1200!

If you are an enthusiast and interesting in 3DMark Vantage, what do you think of the payments scheme?

* Trial (free)
* Basic ($6.95)
* Advanced ($19.95)
* Professional ($495)

The trial lets you run the benchmark only once! You need the basic version to get anywhere, which allows you to re-run the benchmark endless times at the "Peformance" setting.

Overclockers should definetely voice their opinion in this HWBot Poll as adding HWBoints for a benchmark which requires you to pay to run it... and then submit your results to their database so they can sell the contents of that database for profit... is, well... taking a bit of advantage of the enthusiast community.

Anyway, attached are two result screens from ATI/NVIDIA's high end cards, the 9800GX2 scores higher as expected.

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