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jmke 12th March 2009 23:31

Futuremark Releases Browser Benchmark
Peacekeeper the browser benchmark will run a wide range of tests that will measure the performance of your browser. Once complete, Peacekeeper will display the results in an easy to understand graph along with the performance details of other browsers on other systems. By running Peacekeeper on a variety of different browsers you will be able to find out which browser works best for your system.

This is my very elite score: :)

wutske 13th March 2009 10:14

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Hmm, I get a lot lower numbers

System is C2D T5200, 2Gb, GFG7300, openSuse x64 11.1 w/ KDE4.1
Unknown browser is Konqueror :ws:

If the tests are flash based than I can understand the low number, native 64-bit edition of flash is slow :(

jmke 13th March 2009 10:38

they are java based :)

jmke 13th March 2009 15:31


Firefox (v3.1b3) Scored:
719 Points
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6550
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
not very impressive

Kougar 14th March 2009 10:21

Seems like more of a system benchmark than a browser benchmark! Will test later...

jmke 14th March 2009 10:22

of course both are related :D

wutske 14th March 2009 10:23

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My older pc seems to keep up with my laptop :) .
Barton 2500+, 512Mb, R9600Pro

jmke 17th March 2009 23:52

latest Chrome Beta:

Chrome (v2.0.169.1) Scored:
1406 Points
small increase

Kougar 24th March 2009 08:39

Opera 10 Stock

Opera 10 With system overclocked:

Everything else at stock:

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