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Sidney 22nd September 2007 17:54

Foxconn MARS: God of War Performance?
Quantum Product series shortly that will feature online product registration, access to beta BIOS downloads, forums, tutorials, and competitions designed for computer enthusiasts. Foxconn is also very interested in user feedback for these new products, and the engineers working on the products will be involved in the forums.

Sidney 22nd September 2007 18:11

Let's welcome one of the wealthiest supplier to the enthusiast market.:)

jmke 22nd September 2007 18:25

to gain market share from Abit/Gigabyte/MSI/Asus they'll have to price lower for same feature set, as their product name is not known, not by enthusiasts, not by end users, despite the fact that they are responsible for the largest part of hardware in our PCs

on the other hand, by pricing similar to the others they keep the market competitive without driving the "smaller" ones out of business.

Rutar 22nd September 2007 19:11

DFI was a big OEM supplier as well and entered with high prices but awesome products

Sidney 22nd September 2007 19:28

Most of MB manufacturers are OEM of some sort, otherwise they couldn't justify the initial investment without a contract of constant supply of goods. There aren't enough order placement in a steady stream for retail; to maintain finished goods inventory for retail is a very costly investment.

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