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jmke 17th October 2008 13:16

FOXCONN BlackOps X48 Motherboard
the Foxconn BlackOps managed to extract a very reasonable overclock of 3.8GHz on my Q6600. This is made even more impressive by the fact that the Foxconn BlackOps managed to attain it with less voltage than required on the ASUS Rampage Extreme. The process of overclocking on the board was a pleasure too, with very little adjustments outside of the usual FSB, Vcore and Memory needing to be made. The BIOS also felt extremely mature and recovered extraordinarily well from failed overclock settings.

Dropping the multiplier to six, we set out to see how far we could push the FSB. I was expecting big things here from the Foxconn BlackOps, but it appears the motherboard doesn't like anything much over 450MHz on Quad-cores. This isn't too bad considering that most Quad's will top out around 470 - 500 FSB, and is no way a bad reflection on the motherboard - it's an overclocking beast. I did manage to get significantly better results from a dual-core.

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