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Sidney 16th October 2004 05:44

Forceware Drivers Compared 61.77 - 66.29 - 66.51 - 66.70 - 66.81
We all know that almost every week new Forceware drivers get leaked or released, but is it really necessary to update your Windows with the latest driver? Most of us push the maximum out of the graphics card to get the highest framerates possible, most of the time new drivers will improve the gameplay and/or fixing any other issue. Last couple of months a lot more Forceware drivers came available on the net then years before but does everyone upgrade all the time to the latest driver releases? Why should you! We've benchmarked three DirectX games and three OpenGL games, old and new included. We also turned on the Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering to compare the differences between all five drivers.


Sidney 16th October 2004 06:42

Frequent minor driver updates by ATI and Nvidia is to:

1) make you remember the brand of your video card inside your computer.
2) make to pay attention to the name Nvidia and ATI on a regular basis.
3) make you think that your investment is well maintained.
4) have cheap or low cost advertising.
5) make you talk about "it".

Yes, it may well make your game plays better but why not the first time; or why so frequently.:0

What DO I know?;)

jmke 16th October 2004 12:22

I had to update nVidia drivers on my FX5900XT otherwise farcry would not work;

instead of giving gamers 1 update every 6 months with plenty updates, they do it monthly with a few updates. good for me, as long as they don't deteriorate performance & features:)

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