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Stefan Mileschin 6th February 2012 07:59

Five Years With Blu-ray - Part Two
However, the demise of HD-DVD forced Blu-ray to stand on its own two feet, exacerbating the flaws in the system that had yet to be rectified. For example, the first major revision to the formats specification; Blu-ray Profile 1.1 had only just been mandated by the Blu-ray Disc Association and implemented in a PlayStation 3 system update at the end of 2007.

This update bought interactivity enhancements to the format by mandating a secondary video decoder, which essentially meant the ability to display picture-in-picture dual audio and video streams - a capability that HD-DVD featured from launch and had been used extensively by studios such as Warner Brothers. Unfortunately, almost every standalone Blu-ray player manufactured up to that point lacked the necessary hardware to be upgraded to this revision, necessitating a painful round of forced obsolesce - hurting loyal consumers whom had allowed Blu-ray to prevail over HD-DVD.

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