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jmke 10th October 2007 15:11

First Look at Half Life 2: Episode 2 Performance
We are working on a full performance and image quality apples-to-apples article comparing the Radeon 2900 XT and GeForce 8 series video cards. Until that is ready wed like to share with you our first performance experiences with the game with a quick apples-to-apples performance comparison. The graphs below consist of a run-through of the entire first level of Half Life 2: Episode 2 in an apples-to-apples format. We have chosen to run at 1600x1200 4XAA/16XAF maximum in-game settings on all video cards under Windows Vista x64 Ultimate using Catalyst 7.10 for the 2900 XT and ForceWare 163.75 for the GeForce 8 series video cards with a C2D X6800/680i platform.

Wrigleyvillain 10th October 2007 15:47

Loaded last night but didnt get a chance to try yet! Looking forward to it tho TF2 alone was worth the price of the box.

jmke 10th October 2007 17:01

bought Orange Box just for TF2 to be honest;)

getting EPI1+EPI2+Portal is just icing on the cake

Kougar 10th October 2007 17:54

I gotta second what y'all said. Never played the original TF, but TF2 has gotten me hooked away from the RTS games for a bit.

I definitely wanted Portal and Ep Two though, first time I bought a game package and wanted all the games. :D Stuck at classes so I am having to wait until tonight to start Episode Two... the 5 HD gameplay trailers on Steam looked good!

Wrigleyvillain 14th October 2007 06:24


Originally Posted by Kougar (Post 157182)
Never played the original TF

Damn well I'm sure you don't mean I miss 1998 quake tf and CS beta drunken craziness on my Athlon 850 + orig Geforce 256. :ws:
tf first played on my beige mac G3 w/ a voodoo 2...quake first played on a PowerMac 8100 w/ onboard vid in 96...sigh...i'm old

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