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Sidney 22nd July 2005 16:26

Firefox 1.5 delayed to September release date
VERSION 1.1 OF Firefox will not be out in July after all, according to ZDNet. Or ever, technically.
The eagerly anticipated release originally planned for this month in the Firefox Roadmap was changed this Wednesday by engineer Ben Goodger, saying that a July release was increasingly unrealistic. Instead of releasing 1.1 this month, Mozilla will be jumping straight to 1.5 in September, with the 1.5 Beta expected to be launched in August.

Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe, said adding new features has taken "a bit longer than initially expected." He says the reason Firefox will be jumping straight to 1.5 is because the project's going way better than expected, and is deserving of a better name than "1.1". What's wrong with 1.1, Tristan?

Although the final version is expected sometime around September, Nitot apparently doesn't like to commit to release dates, so it's still not concrete.

Bosw8er 25th July 2005 14:13


jmke 25th July 2005 14:57

1.0.5 != 1.5 FYI :p

Bosw8er 25th July 2005 15:15


Won't happen again boss :D

jmke 25th July 2005 15:35

my FF does not want to update, I can connect to mozilla :/

kristos 26th July 2005 21:52

just used firefox update funktion and it's already on 1.0.6

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