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jmke 8th December 2008 19:59

FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Image Quality
There are some image quality differences between DX9 and DX10. Most of them are minor, but there are some big ones such as the antialiasing quality difference and shadow difference. Still, compared to other games we have tested there arenít a lot of new and interesting ďDX10 onlyĒ features in this game. We feel the experience could have been enhanced even greater by a few small improvements, such as Soft Particles.

If you have a DX10 capable video card there is no reason not to be running this game in DX10, even on low end hardware. You will get better performance and better image quality, especially if you are using AA. If you are currently pattering about on a previous generation DX9 only capable GPU this probably isnít the game that is going to convince you to upgrade to DX10 and Windows Vista. There isnít enough here to make you do that in our experiences. However, if you do choose to finally make that upgrade path, you will be getting higher framerates and some better image quality.

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