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jmke 24th October 2005 21:25

F.E.A.R. Graphics & Gameplay
It is a well known fact that First-Person Shooters frequently push back the boundaries for system performance. If your PC is two years old, you probably played Half-Life 2 quite happily last year. Thanks to the relative kindness of the Source engine, many continue to play Counter-Strike: Source on quite modest hardware by 2005 standards.

On the other hand, we have known for a while now that the advanced graphics of F.E.A.R. requires some serious grunt. That is why we have spent several days putting it through its paces to find out how it runs on a variety of systems, so you can decide if you might need to budget for some upgrades before you shell out 30 on the game itself.

In our familiar format, we will first discuss the gameplay elements before deconstructing some of the fancy new eye candy and finally some performance benchmarks on a raft of ATI and NVIDIA hardware.

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