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thorgal 20th July 2007 17:07

Explore the limitation of P35, DFI launches LANParty UT P35 series
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The developing speed of PC industry is incredible fast in these years. It just likes: CPU transformation, which is transit from dual core to quad core, the FSB from 800/ 1066MHz up to 1333HMz. On the other hand, VGA just started the competition between SLI & Crossfire, and then additional physics rendering function involves the war…Also, the generation of memory is from DDR and all the way down to DDR3 era. All these changes have happened within 2 years; likewise, DFI also has transformed a lot in product design. The first revolution is to replace traditional mosfit with digital PWM. And then, “EZ clear” for users to clear CMOS in a easier way. Further, DFI tried to use a separate advance audio device (Karajan audio and Bernstein) in LANParty motherboard. Now, DFI are intended to gathering those advance features together in a brand new model, the LANParty UT P35-T2R.

CPU, FSB and chipset's structure

DFI LP UT P35-T2R/T3R supports Intel's dual and quad core processors. It is compatible with FSB 1333MHz. The benefit of the low power consumption from core 2 dual series makes a better operate environment . The highest FSB1333MHz increase the probability to get a highest OC record. The board adopts P35 + ICH9R chipsets as North and south bridge. Further, P35 supports DDR3 memory and Intel's next generation 45nm process CPU. That is a powerful upgrade for Intel platform. In addition, the chipset also supports latest Matrix Storage technology and HAD audio technology, which maximized the storage and audio output ability.

The secret weapon: DFI unique heat pipe assembly

The designer of DFI LP UT P35 series has created a whole new “weapon”, a heat pipe assembly from SB, NB then extend to PWM. The design of DFI's new heat pipe is totally different to others in market.

It uses a copper-made pipe to connect independent heat sinks of SB, NB and PWM together. Then, there will be an extension joint (Transpiper) to carry the heat out from the chassis. The Transpiper can be extended to where outside the PSU fan. That means the air flow from the PSU fan will be help to carry out the heat from Transpiper. Otherwise, the heat air flow will be stuck inside the chassis and that will jeopardize the stability of the system. This is a magnificent breakthrough of heat pipe assembly design.

Unique arrangement for Crossfire + Physics rendering

Since the Physics rendering technology has been revealed in PC market, gamers are all to pay close attention to it. Meanwhile, DFI was put it into LANParty motherboard as an advance features and that shows the gigantic power of Crossfire + Physics rendering. But 3 VGA cards bring a lot of heat as the same time. Hence, the arrangement of 3 VGA slots (2 CF + 1Physcis) seems especially essential for the system. If the spaces between 3 VGA slots are not enough, that'll cause heat dissipation problems. Therefore, DFI propose a perfect solution for that; the designer separated each of the slots with 2 additional PCI slot space. That means the 3 VGA slots located evenly in the board. That's a big improvement for efficient heat dissipation of VGA area between those “thick cards”(ex.1900, 2900).

Ultimate 8-phase Digital PWM

DFI is never satisfied to use any components of inferior quality. For this brand new model LP UT P35-T2R, DFI chooses to use an utmost 8 -phase Digital PWM in place of the advance 6-phase PWM. A digital PWM uses components to supply stabilized current, which accommodate enthusiasts ' needs in OC or Gaming. DFI UT P35 series provides sufficient current for the processor. Aside from this, the new heat dissipating fins of the PWM circuit further stabilize current flow to the system.

The cutting-edge audio solution- “Bernstein Audio”

Leonard Bernstein, best-known conductor and music composer of USA i n 50's of 20 century. Bernstein represents the supreme authority of classical music in Northern America. LP UT P35 series is equipped with this brand new “Bernstein Audio” module. In fact, the board's designer uses a new way to generate this module. For easier installation, designer moved this module close to “PCI slots area” for easy to mount in PCI bracket. Second, it obtains a perfect noise reduction than Karajan's. As all we know, no matter Pro-gamers or power users who used to enjoy music and movie with their PCs must have highly requests about the quality of their audio output device. Hence, how much the noise can be reduced is what they concerned about in high priority. DFI's Bernstein audio module is intents to improve this kind of issue; it uses a unique way to separate the “signal” of audio module and motherboard, which makes the electric interfere of audio output decrease to minimum level.

Bernstein audio adopts Realtek ALC885 high definition codec. It is certified by Microsoft Vista Premium. In addition, ALC885 features a DAC SNR of 106dB and ADC SNR of 101dB. Then, the codec also supports sampling at highest 192 KHz, 10 DAC channels, 3 Stereo ADC channels (7.1 + 2 channels) and 24bit PCM. Besides, it provides “Full-rate Lossless Content Protection Codec”, which's able to decrypt Content Protection for HD-DVD in the future, if not; the sound quality of DVD will be a step lower than the standard.

Supports DDR2/ DDR3 memory

The substitution of memory's each generation is being faster and faster. We still remember that; the market leads us to replace our memory to DDR2 while we're just used to use DDR. Then, we're finally figure out what exactly DDR2 is, meanwhile, the module manufacturer teaches us to choice DDR3 and try to say goodbye to DDR2… Hence, DFI is considerate of power users' unique demand. LP UT P35 series is ready to launch DDR2 and DDR3 models to satisfy power users' request. The LP UT P35 T3R (DDR3) will be launch into market right after LP UT P35 T2R.

Versatility BIOS options

Enthusiasts are always found great pleasure when they are able to squeeze a little more performance from their system through overclocking. For this reason, the designer of DFI LP UT P35-T2R offers a versatility BIOS options for enthusiasts to enjoy during they overclocking. So, the voltage options are the key point, which includes: memory voltage options, NB & SB options, CPU Vcore option and HT voltage options. That would make enthusiasts an unlimited OC environment. Besides, the unique CMOS Reload can help users to store different OC settings in BIOS. Further, LANParty series motherboard adopts high quality capacitors and components for an advance OC “physical structure”.

Teaming function & Dual Gigabit LAN

At the very beginning, LANParty series provides Dual gigabit LAN to gamers as a basic feature. Nowadays, it is almost a “must” when users want to grab information such like DVD content, huge capacity games or fighting with buddies on LAN game. For that reason, DFI LP UT P35-T2R provides another unique function to all the heavy user of Internet/ LAN - the Teaming function. It makes the dual LAN Ports' bandwidth to combine together as one. Then the bandwidth will be two times large than original one. Moreover, if one of the LAN port crashed, the other one will be carry on the processing task over Internet or LAN. Therefore, teaming function is brings you a wider and safer LAN transmission environment.

jmke 20th July 2007 17:12

Hopefully we'll see this one in shops soon!

Rutar 20th July 2007 17:18

Price will be important and to be worth anything over other P35 boards it needs to achieve 600+ FSB.

jmke 20th July 2007 17:19

not quite, if it offers 680i BIOS wealth, goes beyond 500FSB 100% stable, it's good :)

Kougar 20th July 2007 17:45

I still don't like their heatsink placement... my P35 northbridge doesn't get that warm, so putting the heatsink fins in direct line of the hot PSU exhaust would only heat up the chipset. Nice board colors though...

jmke 20th July 2007 17:47

boards color matter the least to me, I don't stare at the motherboard, I look at the TFT/LCD/CRT screen:)

Rutar 20th July 2007 21:05

the SATA port placement deserves cookie

geoffrey 21st July 2007 15:17

Aha, Lanparty P35, this board will suit me best, let's hope availability is on par with its performance.

Massman 21st July 2007 20:21

at this moment, this board is rocking at a stunning 670+ mhz fsb :o

let's hope most retail boards do 650 easily

Rutar 21st July 2007 20:33


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 149842)
at this moment, this board is rocking at a stunning 670+ mhz fsb :o

let's hope most retail boards do 650 easily

looks like they did something worthy of the DFI name

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