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thorgal 8th May 2009 11:44

EVGA X58 Classified - Anand's Trophy Board
Much to our surprise the CPU was capable of booting on the Classified at a brutally cold -160C, and being benchmarked all the way down to -190C during peak CPU loads; that's an instant 35C gain over the ASUS board. In the world of extreme overclocking, this is a big deal. The following picture pretty much says it all, with the CPU test of 3DMark06 running in the background with a pot temperature of -186C.

We only had approximately 15 liters of LN2 for the Classified testing, and with a little bit of BIOS voltage tinkering were able to extend our 3DMark06 run all the way out to a scintillating 248BCLK with HT enabled.

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