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jmke 2nd June 2006 14:14

EVGA 7900 GT Signature SLI vs 7900GTX SLI
Once you turn the FSAA and Aniso you can see the real power of two cards. The pairing can be up to 25 frames faster and, if you test the two overclocked cards, you can gain an additional twelve frames at 20x15. Under these settings, this card can even beat a 7900 GTX SLI but in all the other resolutions the 7900 GTX SLI will manage to be a frame or two faster.

jmke 2nd June 2006 14:15

the only game tested which really shows SLI performance improvement is FEAR with AA/AF, all the others... well, not worth the double cost of SLI at all!

The Senile Doctor 2nd June 2006 14:30

I must reply to that that when using a high quality monitor (1920*1200 and up), which I think anybody having an sli setup uses (and if they don't, they're stupid as hell buying sli and not a high quality monitor), there's a huge difference at those resolutions! COD2 and FEAR were only playable with dual 7900 gtx and unplayable at these settings with 7800 gtx sli's

jmke 2nd June 2006 15:18

they indeed did not tests very GPU intensive games


Originally posted by jmke
the only game tested

zerotol 2nd June 2006 18:14

they should test the mother of all games atm Oblivion!

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