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jmke 16th February 2009 17:20

Eurocom puts NVIDIA GT200M in SLI in Laptop
Looking at Nvidia's current roadmap, we can safely say that the G2xx line-up will only be out in the later half of this year, most likely co-inciding with the back-to-school season. All G2xx mobile GPUs from Nvidia are 40nm, so we can expect better efficiency (performance/watt) than the current line-up. Eurocom does not mention which class of the GPUs will be used in the notebook, but most likely will be employing GT215 which the performance part set to replace the ever-green G92. (GT215 is also the highest performing GT2xx part to have taped out on 40nm yet)

The M980U Emperor is based on the MCP79xi SLI Chipset and paired with an Intel Quad-core Mobile processor. The display is listed as Full HD (19201080) with support of up to 8GB of DDR3 memory and 1.5TB of storage space.

jmke 16th February 2009 17:21

That would indeed be a portable desktop for sure, 8gb memory, 1.5TB hard drive, GT200 GPU in SLI, Quad Core i7 CPU... awesome for sure. Just a bit afraid of the price

geoffrey 16th February 2009 17:41


jmke 16th February 2009 18:46

better performance than a 9600M GT for sure;)

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