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Gamer 6th June 2005 17:48

Winner of Taiwan Packing Star Award – Macrocosm, EPoX® High-End AMD Motherboard Serie
In 2005 there were 11 winners for various product packaging types, and EPoX Computer, won for a series of its mainboard packaging designs. This award states further the position of EPoX Computer’s packaging designs and their massive outward suitability for on the shelf sales in the retail arena.

Faiakes 7th June 2005 07:18

JMKE, is that a new picture?

jmke 7th June 2005 07:56


Faiakes 7th June 2005 08:01

Hmmmm, a very suspivcious resemblance.

Who's the military chick?:spank:

jmke 7th June 2005 08:42 :)

Faiakes 7th June 2005 11:41

So she is Piotke?

jmke 7th June 2005 11:51

if you want him to be.. you'll have to pay well though for him to wear his wig again;)

Faiakes 7th June 2005 12:26

ok I am confused:huh:

Faiakes 7th June 2005 12:29

So Piotke is the guy? Right?:wtf:

And whi is Jmke? The girl? :cheer: Correct? Do I win anything:super:

jmke 7th June 2005 12:55

no jmke in pictures here; only Piotke with boothbabes from Cebit 2005 :)

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