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jmke 9th March 2003 13:01

EPoX 8RGA nForce2
DualChannel 220Mhz FSB!

RichBa5tard 9th March 2003 16:15

No more voltmodding needed and a onboard GFX card if you kill your AGP card! I luv it! :)

cR00zIFI><3r 9th March 2003 16:17

Isn't there a new bios for the 8RDA+ that fixes this problem??

RichBa5tard 9th March 2003 16:20

No, the mosfet & voltage controller for the chipset is not capable of handling +1.6v on the 8rda+ rev 1.1.

We will have to wait for rev 1.2 or voltmod it yourself. I'd suggest not going up to 1.8v if you don't want to fry your board. The chipset can handle up to 2v, but the voltage controller can't.

cR00zIFI><3r 9th March 2003 16:26

I wasn't planning to voltmod it!!
I learn from your mistakes :p

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