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jmke 17th February 2009 23:29

Entry Level Power Supply Roundup
Not everyone needs 1200 honking watts of power sitting in their new computer build. Not much has changed there. But what has changed is the enthusiast brands of power supplies that will now occupy the entry level PSU space. We have a few PSUs for you today that will not break the bank.
- Cooler Master eXtreme Power 500w (RS-500-PCAR-A3)
- Corsair CX400W (CMPSU-400CX)
- Rosewill RP500-2
- Xigmatek NRP-PC501
This is the third time now we have taken a look at lower powered and less reviewed power supplies with each time previously being somewhat of a train wreck. As it stands though, today's results were actually seemingly much better than what we have seen previously. We had just one unit today that was completely a failure in our testing environment, and one that was out of specification in DC Output Quality but otherwise survived. That leaves us with two units that not only were capable units but actually good units surprisingly enough (the Xigmatek NRP-PC501 and the Corsair CX400W).

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