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jmke 5th September 2008 21:25

Enermax Revolution 85+ power supply Preview
It nudges the underside of 90 percent at 50 and 75 percent load, but drops to a healthy 87+ at full load. This matches the Corsair HX1000W at 12V weighted full load but exceeds it on the rest. The 5V standby dropped a little low, but was still well within ATX spec - there's not much to criticise at all really, it did what it said on tin pretty solidly.

The biggest surprise was just how quiet it was at full load - it definitely wasn't silent and there was some obvious bearing noise from the Globe Fan (also a subsidiary of Enermax), but it wasn't intrusive and the noise was mostly a general rush of air, rather than a tornado like so many others.

The air was only warm to touch, not hot, even after a while left loaded fully, and the sides and base remained only moderately warm to touch. All in all, we're really quite impressed at this early stage.

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