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jmke 5th May 2010 18:17

EK Water Blocks Releases Geforce GTX 4x0 Series Water Blocks
EK Water Blocks released as many as eight water blocks for the GeForce 400 series, four each for the GTX 470 and GTX 480. All four carry essentially the same full-coverage monolithic design, but differ with the selection of materials. The EK-FC470 GTX and EK-FC480 GTX are base-models, which are copper-based, and which use clear acrylic tops. These are priced at 74.95 and 80.00, respectively. A little higher up, are the EK-FC470 GTX Acetal and EK-FC480 GTX Acetal, which use acetal top. These go for 77.65 and 82.9, respectively. A little further, is are the EK-FC470 GTX Nickel and EK-FC480 GTX Nickel, which use nickel-plated copper for the block, with clear acrylic top, priced at 80.95 and 85.90, respectively. At the highest-end are the EK-FC470 GTX Acetal+Nickel and EK-FC480 GTX Acetal+Nickel, which use nickel-plated copper blocks with acetal tops, priced at 84.95 and 89.90, respectively. ings.html

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