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jmke 18th December 2006 18:10

Editorial: PlayStation 3 Losers Need to Get a Life
The launch of the latest generation of video game consoles has now come and gone. As usual, the launches coincided with a massive media orgy, hysterical crowds camping out at the megastores and some all-around bad behavior on the part of a lot of people. The PlayStation 3 launch, in particular, seemed to drag down the collective IQ and social skills of a lot of people. Talk about a bunch of losers who need to get a life.

jmke 18th December 2006 18:15

Uncle in the family has pre-ordered two (2) PS3, he knows they will come around March, he never even considered PS2/XBOX360/Wii, Playstation rings a bell for him, so he's buying two of them, one for him and one for kids, he'll be using it to play DVDs

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