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jmke 9th September 2008 19:55

E-Step Xeons prove more efficient
As you might have guessed though, CPUs don't work all that well on their own, they need HDs, memory, motherboards and inefficient PSUs to make them spit out bits in the correct order. Once you add in system power instead of simply excess power used over idle, you end up with a measurement that has real-world relevance. In this case, it is of paramount importance - it is how much energy you use to complete a task, and how many dollars you will have to spend completing that task.

In the end, the E-step Xeons do exactly what they say they do. No performance gain per clock, but a lot more efficient. They clock higher for the same, or a little less energy used than their D-step predecessors. As far as we can see, there is no down side to them, just better for less power, and that is what progress is all about.

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