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jmke 30th July 2007 10:04

DX10 Fails To Attract Gamers
Summary: DX10 hardware too expensive. Vista sucks. DX10 games not much better than DX9. Developers have no incentive to make DX10 games. There you have it. Maybe devs will finally wise up and start making OpenGL cross-platform games again.

Rutar 30th July 2007 11:44

he missed the fact that the performance hit is massive for the little better graphics

Kougar 30th July 2007 14:24

Hah, that was a funny read. He calls DX9 games with a small DX10 graphic patch a "DX10 game", and expects wonders from the git go. It's a bit premature to wait 6 months then write off DX10 based on three games that have weak "DX10 patches"... especially since he himself prefaced that game development takes one to two years to catch up with the hardware. :rolleyes:

jmke 30th July 2007 14:29

at least CNET is coving the lack of DX10/Vista advantages too, and that's a start:)

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