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jmke 7th February 2011 11:29

DUH! News of the Day: Victims of Nvidia GPU Failures Are Unhappy
Even though Nvidia Corp., one of the largest suppliers of GPUs in the world, is providing some kind on reimbursements to those, who suffered from the problems with failed Nvidia GeForce-based notebooks, it looks like not everyone is happy. Apparently, Nvidia only provides inexpensive notebooks even to those, who acquired business-class laptops.

"Nvidia is trying to issue one size fits all cheap economy class Compaq notebook computers to all afflicted HP owners no matter the specification or equipment installed on the afflicted owner’s notebook. The disparity ranges from $100s to $1000s of dollars and is clearly a violation of the good faith intent of the judge’s order," a person, who suffered, said in an e-mail to X-bit labs. Unhappy.html

Zeikzeil 7th February 2011 15:55

After reading the article it would appear things do not work quite the same in the USA as here in The Netherlands. If this were to happen around here you could simply return the notebook to wherever you purchased it and either get a full refund (excluding shipping costs if applicable) or a similar product of equal (or higher) value. Since the article mentions a court order telling Nvidia to do something similar I'm assuming such a law does not exist in the 'Land of the Free'.
From reading just the summary it would appear Nvidia is to blame. I don't believe this is entirely their fault though. It seems to me as HP is the big evil here.

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