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Stefan Mileschin 6th November 2012 06:20

Dotcom wants to connect NZ
Kim Dotcom does not seem to hold any grudge with the New Zealand government for illegally spying on him on behalf of US studios.

According to Tech Pounce, Dotcom has plans to resurrect Pacific Fibre's failed project to construct a fibre optic cable across the Pacific to the US.

If the project ever takes place it will bring free high-speed broadband to New Zealanders and double the nation's bandwidth.

It has been estimated that it will cost Dotcom $400 million, which, given the fact that most of his cash is frozen, makes you wonder where he can find the readies.

He claims that he will get the majority of his funds by suing Hollywood studios and the US government for their "unlawful and political destruction of Megaupload". So it might take a while, particulary as the US government is still convinced that it can bang him up for piracy.

Paul Brislen of the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand has publicly said that if anyone can put together a deal which gets the cash it would be Kim Dotcom.

Dotcom's plan is to use New Zealand's clean and cheap energy. If the country has its own cable, cheap power, and connectivity, New Zealand could attract foreign internet businesses.

The one problem with Dotcom's data centre plans, as far as we can see, is that the country is earthquake central and sits on shedloads of active volcanoes. Not the first place you would consider setting up a data centre.

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