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jmke 26th April 2007 00:39

Digital vs. Analog PWM
For those of you wondering exactly what the difference is between the older analog PWM controllers and newer digital PWM controllers we are starting to see on enthusiast motherboards, we have this handy illustration to show you exactly what has changed.

Kougar 26th April 2007 05:57

Aww, I was hoping for some actual voltage comparisons... the FOXCONN 975xaa and 975xab are identical boards except for the analog vs digital PWMs difference.... perhaps a Madshrimps review is in order? |D

I know more precise/accurate voltages can be set with digital PWMs which helps lower and even completely negate the vdroop problem on some boards, but are there any other performance advantages to a digital PWM?

jmke 26th April 2007 09:44

high operating temperatures according to the illustration from Abit.

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