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jmke 27th July 2011 08:09

Diamond Radeon HD 6770 XOC 1GB Video Card Review
It's been a while since we've looked at anything from Diamond, but today we look at a card that is showing up a bit lately, the HD 6770. Of course, in typical Diamond fashion we're checking out an overclocked model with the HD 6770 we're looking at today coming with the XOC tag."

There's not much else we need to say at the moment; you should know we're already a fan of the HD 6770 and we're looking forward to seeing what Diamond are able to offer us today with their XOC version. Before we get into the performance side of things, let's look what's going on with the package that Diamond has put together. Once we've done that we'll move onto the card and check out the specifications to find out just what kind of overclock is on offer from the XOC model we're looking at today.

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