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jmke 22nd October 2008 12:55

Diamond HD4870 1GB Review
The Diamond HD4870 video card with 1GB of GDDR5 RAM, has a great stock cooler installed on it, as it is able to keep it cool while under load as well as when it is idle. The card never went much over 85C, which is higher than some of the other cards out on the market, however there is more dense and hotter memory modules on the Diamond card than others that made the temperatures higher. The dual slot design of the Diamond HD4870 card is both a good thing as well as a con as it does allow for a thicker stock cooling device, however it does make the card bulkier than if it had a slim card. By being that thick, it does cut into the amount of room and depending on how the motherboard it is being installed on is setup, it may not allow you to have a second card installed. The 1GB of GDDR5 installed on the card is a great addition to the card, allowing it to have more even scores across the different resolutions, however with its increased power consumption, it did take a decrease in the overclockability of the card. The performance of the card was also fairly straight across the board; the results from the benchmark testing were pretty much even with each other, there was not any that were significantly higher than another one.

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