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jmke 19th September 2008 20:10

DFI LanParty Jr. 790GX M2RS Preview
We were able to hit 3.54GHz (up to 3.62GHz now at 1.575V) on this particular 9950BE with the assistance of CoolIT Systems Freezone Elite CPU cooler. So far, this particular setting has held up to 24/7 testing across a wide variety of applications. HTT clock speed is set to 215MHz, Multiplier at 16.5x, and memory is at DDR2-1147 with 5-5-5-18 timings on 1.975V with 4GB under Vista 32. Northbridge speed is at 2365MHz and ended up being our limit on this board. This particular CPU will run Northbridge speeds up to 2515MHz on the Foxconn and ASUS 790FX boards but we could not even get the BIOS to POST at 2400MHz speed with stock memory and CPU multipliers on this board.

Hopefully, DFI can address this shortly, if not, the board is still very fast with a slightly reduced NB speed. Our maximum HTT clock is 238MHz on this board with our 9950BE. This is quite good for this CPU as it typically maxed out around 235MHz on the 790FX boards. DFI provides full support for AMD's Overdrive (AOD) utility. We utilized a beta copy of the 2.1.4 release in our testing that addresses several significant bugs found in the 2.1.2 release, especially the fact that ACC would not work properly with an AHCI or RAID setup. You can now download the released version of 2.1.4. We would like to add a simple but sometimes misunderstood fact about AOD, if the motherboard manufacturer has not provided proper BIOS hooks for this program the user will see reduced functionality or potentially no functionality when trying to overclock their system.

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