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Sidney 21st July 2005 11:39

DFI Crossfire board rocks around the clock
WE HEARD from people that have seen and partially tested it that DFI's upcoming Crossfire board is a state of the art design. It's highly overclockable, well designed, stable and has all the features that you'll need.
The company demonstated it back at Computex but it's getting ready to start selling it. The boards should be ready in next two weeks.

The board is called the LAN Party UT RDX200 CF-DR and it's based on the RDX 200 Northbridge and SB450 Southbridge. It is ULI free Crossfire motherboard. It's designed to support all socket 939 CPUs including Athlon 64, FX and X2. The board features two PCIe graphic slots but in Crossfire, Multi VPU mode, both slots will operate in eight mode only. This should be enough I guess. The board also has PCIe 1X and three PCI slots.

Apart from floppy and two parallel IDE ports you will find four S-ATA 1 ports and Promise PDC40719 supporting four SATA-2 IDE ports with up to 3Gbps and RAID 0/1/0+1/5.

The board will feature eight USB 2.0 ports and two Gigabit LAN cards both based on the Marvell chipset. One is PCIe, while the second is PCI based. Two port Firewire will also be part of the board based on a Via chipset.

The board will have advanced hardware monitoring support and will have a four Mbit BIOS chip with its reloaded marchitecture. You will be able to tweak just about anything Voltage tuning including DIMM voltage, Northbridge voltage, core voltage and HT voltage. You will be able to adjust your FSB MHz by MHz and will be able to adjust the CPU Multiplier.

Audio on board will be taken care by RealTek ALC882 8CH audio CODEC powered by six audio jacks, a CD-In header and a 5x2-pin Front audio select header and should offer sufficiently good audio. All in all, this board will be among the first and people has high expectations about this board. It should ship within weeks but I guess that will be mainly ATI's call as you need two graphic cards to explore the possibilities of this board.

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