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jmke 7th December 2004 13:20

Designtechnica Talk Back: DVD Format Wars
"Everyone loves DVD. Most big-screen TVs sold nowadays are HDTVs. So youd think a high-definition version of the DVD format would be a naturalsplashing a sharper and more detailed picture onto a screen that can show the difference.

Yet high-definition DVD remains stuck at the starting gate. The reason is yet another self-destructive format war from a consumer electronics industry that seems incapable of learning the lessons of its own history.

HD-DVD has been endorsed by the DVD Forum, a consortium whose purpose is to keep the DVD format from descending into chaos. But for the sheer bulk of corporate supporters, Blu-ray has an edge.

Besides political muscle, Blu-ray has the added advantage of being recordable. However, its hobbled by the fragility of the disc, which must be enclosed in a caddy, much like Sonys MiniDisc. BDFG member TDK is developing a coating technology that would give the disc a harder and more durable surface."

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