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jmke 4th September 2006 09:49

Dell XPS 700 - Hardcore gaming system
we take a look at the Dell XPS 700 - Dell's first machine designed for hardcore gamers. We examine the radical new chassis, check out the ludicrous cooling design, rag on the components then rip the whole thing apart to see how it's all put together. Do not miss this.


Dell has done what many thought would be beyond it - created a decent gaming system that hardcore enthusiasts would be happy to have on their desk. The engineers have nailed the industrial design and the core internal design, but the guys haven't quite managed to get the components and the pricing right. But for all our ragging on the component specifications, Dell has really got the core of this system spot on, and for that it earns our Recommended award. However, we hope Dell takes our comments on board and sorts future machines out with the kind of components that will really make the Core 2 Duo processor shine - and at the right price

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