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jmke 24th May 2006 20:58

Dell Strikes Back - HardOCP Visits Dell
Dell has made some major changes in their XPS line since the last time we took a look at their products. While we found that “bloatware” and support issues seriously affected our customer experience when we purchased an Dell’s XPS 400 in December of 2005, changes that Dell has worked hard on since then have shown us they can deliver. They now offer their customers total choice on the software loads of their high end XPS systems that are targeted towards gamers. Dell recently announced that they would feature a no preinstalled software installation option on select XPS systems in their gaming lineup. No more free ISP offers, no more AOL icons, music jukebox software, or background services hogging precious system resources. Even on their premium systems that are targeted towards users that may not be gamers, but want a higher end computing experience, they have adjusted the way their installed software is presented to the end user. And, they are making strides in support that are sure to benefit all Dell customers

Sidney 24th May 2006 22:04


We are impressed with the passion that Dell management has when it comes to "winning the hearts and minds" of the gaming market. It was evident from the R&D employees all the way up to Michael Dell himself.
What R&D? [H]ocp R&D or [H]Marketing? :)

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