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jmke 9th February 2009 16:06

The Dark Side of LCD Overdrive : Input Lag
Faster is always better. Thanks to that simple philosophy, LCD pixel response times have been driven down to puny proportions in recent years.

Today, even the slowest panels are rated at 16ms or better and deliver adequate response for all but the most fanatical PC gamers. High performance screens, meanwhile, now trade low single-digit millisecond blows in the battle for fast response dominance.

Thatís the good news; the bad news is that the quest for ever lower pixel response times comes with a pair of undesirable side effects: input lag and inverse ghosting. Superficially, the two appear to be unrelated, but they share the same underlying cause. The culprit is a response-enhancing technique known as overdrive.

Also common to both input lag and inverse ghosting is a rather murky cloud of controversy. Some sneer at the idea that input lag even exists, while others argue that while it may exist, only pedants with a penchant for pointless whining could possibly notice it.

Kougar 9th February 2009 17:30

Was a very interesting article... much more informative to use a timer to measure lag versus attempting to photograph loading during games.

60ms input lag is an interesting number. Average broadband person's ping latency is 60ms.

jmke 9th February 2009 17:51

which means dead before you see the enemy, and than you call the other "cheater" ;)

Rutar 9th February 2009 23:00

those news are so old:

Its so old the first 0 input lag sceens are out for some time (those aren't errors, they were tested with the timer method):

Inverse ghosting is being tested by prad for over a year too.

jmke 10th February 2009 00:05

old or not, the fact that it still exists today in the newest products is proof that the media has had no effect on it yet, so more publicity on this defect is much appreciated ;)

Kougar 10th February 2009 04:38

Yep. It's not something most think about when they see those ultra-affordable TFTs, even though they plan to game on them.

Rutar 10th February 2009 08:46

The phenomenon is not limited dependent on the price of LCDs. Samsung and Dells VA models are among the worst.

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