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jmke 7th December 2004 15:13

Danger Den TDX 939
Clawhammer... just the name makes you feel powerful. Of course since the Clawhammer has debuted it's pretty much gained ground as the processor to get acquainted with. It jut so happens that right now for not too much more than a bill you can grab a lower speed one and overclock it. but sometimes overclocking those lower speed processors can give you quite a headache when you're cooling isn't up for the task. Rest assured there are literally tons of different cooling arrangements, but none of it compares to something from the Danger Den. Whether if its replacing or adding to your existing water cooling arrangement, Danger Den always has an answer for you. Some people think that water cooling can be dangerous, hard to put together, and unreliable, but Danger Den has been active in the water cooled PC market for years, and speaking from personal experience I have yet to experience any kind of failure from a product they have either manufactured or carried over the course of 5 years. Starting from the first design of the Maze waterblock, Danger Den has continuously sought after improving its efficiency year after year, and now has become known as the TDX. Sure a few months back we tested a TDX of the Pentium 4 variety, but we're here today to relive the glory of the TDX on a Socket 939 platform. Lets take a closer look...

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