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jmke 13th March 2007 12:10

CryEngine (Crysis) vs Real Life Shots
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A compilation of comparison shots of the CryEngine vs Real Life shots, which one is which?

Sharpside 13th March 2007 13:24

left = real?

Rutar 13th March 2007 13:44

yep, but still the first thing I tought was:

photorealistic gaming coming 2007

Sidney 13th March 2007 18:30

Too good to be real is unreal; natural is never perfect. Those on the right are just too perfect to be real.

jmke 13th March 2007 19:34

with more texture memory, storage space, dynamic content generation and speedier CPU/GPU you can expect more custom "not flawless" backdrops for games.

still those CryEngine2 in-game shots are a joy to behold.

Wrigleyvillain 13th March 2007 21:15

Roger that
...a joy indeed. Already looking forward to my DX10 card upgrade later this year.

geoffrey 13th March 2007 23:15

New trailer, download it in HD format here:

You might have seen the first part, though I'm sure you will like the parts you haven't seen yet :)

jmke 14th March 2007 00:46

very impressive trailer:)

Rutar 14th March 2007 10:35

that is porn for geeks =P

The Senile Doctor 14th March 2007 12:08

that trailer is awesome, I'll dedicate an entire holiday at playing this :)|D

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