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Sidney 7th December 2004 00:41

Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000
Taking their well performing Ballistix PC4000 memory, and adding some wow factor, Crucial seems to have hit something their Ballistix Tracer modules. Price may be a factor for some, as listed on the Crucial website these modules will cost you $23 per 512Mb more than the regular Ballistix PC4000. I was thinking to myself however as I was finishing this article, ďWhat is it going to take to make me take these things out of my case now that I am so used to activity lights on my memory?Ē I donít know, but I can say Iím looking forward to see more Tracer modules in the future. I can say that if youíre a case modder, or looking for a bit more attention at local LANís for your custom built computer, youíre sure to get some heads turning with these in your case, and at no loss of performance.


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