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jmke 17th July 2008 15:50

Corsair XMS3 DHX 1600MHz 4GB Memory Kit
Well before NVIDIA had any plans for DDR3, EPP or Extreme Performance Profile DDR2 memory was making its way into the mainstream. These modules were really designed to work with 680i chipsets, since any AMD solutions have the memory controller moved to the CPU, this eliminated any offerings NVIDIA can give. EPP has made its way into DDR3 with EPP 2.0; this being the DDR3 variation. Today we have Corsairís monster 4GB DDR3 kit (2x2GB) supporting EPP 2.0. Letís see how it copes today.

Pressing into real world gaming, Crysis doesnít benefit from the extra 2GB memory size here at all, so itís up to sheer speed. At OC levels it managed to get 2 extra FPS on the Corsair memory.

The XMS series of memory is the cream of the crop; hand picked and designed to overclock for the enthusiasts. Youíre going to be hard pressed for find a better module, XMS3 continues this tradition.

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