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jmke 4th August 2006 11:32

Corsair and OCZ: New Standards in Fast DDR2
DDR2 memory has zoomed to the forefront recently, after several years of benign neglect by the enthusiast community. AMD, which has led the enthusiast market for the last couple of years, moved from DDR to DDR2 in late May. Intel Core 2 Duo was recently introduced and finally gave enthusiasts a reason to want to own Intel processors again. Suddenly, no matter what platform you wanted to buy, you found it was fueled by DDR2 memory.

jmke 4th August 2006 11:40

I hate charts which don't have a proper scale like this

wow what an increase!

or not...

The Senile Doctor 4th August 2006 11:49

classical visual cheatery, we see that everyday in clinical scientific (sic!!) studies...

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