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jmke 24th April 2007 10:21

CoolIt Freezone CPU Cooler
Liquid cooling is very popular now, at one time it more of an enthusiast only cooling option, but today many companies make liquid cooling kits for the DIYers out there. The more extreme enthusiasts use TEC cooling to really lower their temps for higher overclocks. So what do you get when you combine TECs and liquid cooling, and a company that wants to make it much easier for everyone to have top of the line cooling? You get the Freezone from CoolIt! The Freezone combines the best of everything, liquid cooling, TEC modules and a compact, easy to install system that anyone can utilize to make their system nice and cool. I installed the Freezone in both my Intel and AMD setups and took it for a spin to see what it could do, so continue on to learn more... mid=38

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