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jmke 21st May 2010 16:10

CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Review
Thereís a bit of a story behind me being so eager to review
this unit, so bear with me for a minute. Iíve been toying with the
idea of getting a water cooling setup for a few years now. But every
time Iíve come close to buying an expensive, high end water setup,
Iíve realized how completely useless one would be for my purposes.

During the time Iíve spent on the OC benching team, Iíve realized Iím
an air guy. If I want to push any clocks past the cooling capability
of a high end air cooler, I grab some dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Of
course when Iím out of the cold stuff, and wanting to do some benching
at 2:00am, I start wishing I had some better non-extreme cooling
options laying around. But those few times donít justify the expense
of spending however much a high end water setup costs.

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