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jmke 8th October 2004 12:33

Cooler Master launches Prescott LGA 775 compatible cooler: The Hyper 48
Cooler Master launched the Prescott LGA 775 compatible cooler: Hyper 48

Next to the latest Prescott LGA 775 this cooler also support Intel Pentium 4 (socket 478) and AMD K8 (socket 754/939/940) series. The Heatsink is 100% copper and 4 heat-pipes are included. With only 18.5 dBA we can say that it's a very silent cooler. For further information and specifications see the website and the picture and text below:

Hyper 48 is built for high performance with a uniquely designed heat sink and fan. This super silent CPU cooler, with heat-pipe technology, successfully wicks heat away and replaces it with the cooling breeze of a 92mm ball bearing fan. Four copper heat pipes embedded in densely packed copper fins dissipate heat rapidly and efficiently. The powerful good looks and quiet operation of the Hyper 48 supports the latest Prescott LGA775, Pentium 4 and AMD’s K8.

With a 9.5mm copper base and four 6mm diameter heat pipes, Hyper 48 increases heat transference by 65%. After thermal conductivity and sound resonance testing, the Cooler Master laboratories designed a unique pin/fin rate for optimum performance. Hyper 48 has 23 fins on the base, 31fins on the top with 2.5mm gaps between for rapid heat dispersal. This creates a total of 220,000 sq mm of thermal surface area for maximum heat dissipation.

In addition to the high performance heat sink, the ultra silent 92X92X25mm fan also has a special frame design to provide 35% more inlet surface to let air rush in. The unique shape of the fan blade provides 20% more airflow than the standard 80X80X25mm fan, and creates rapid air to move the heat away.

Using the Universal Retention Module, the Hyper 48 can be installed on Prescott LGA775, Pentium 4 and AMD’s K8 CPUs. Proven design, high performance materials and Cooler Master quality are The Ultimate Thermal Solution©.

• Vertically stacked fins of 100% Copper provide rapid heat dissipation.
• All Copper heat-pipe technology wicks heat away from the CPU.
• High volume airflow is achieved with the super silent 92mm fan.
• Unique fan design forces cooling air to the core of the hot spot.
• Super smooth interface, strong clip force and high quality thermal grease ensures maximum performance.

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