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jmke 14th August 2007 16:49

Compro VideoMate E700 TV card PCI Express 1x
LIKE IT OR HATE IT, PCIe x1 has slowly pushed old PCI from the motherboards of today, but add-in cards for this new standard have been as rare as hen's teeth. In order to fill out the PCIe x1 slots on the motherboards out there, Compro Technologies came out with VideoMate E700, a dual-TV tuner card. Compro has a rather interesting history, since the company's foray onto the big screen happened at the turn of the century, with Nvidia's Personal Cinema. This GeForce2 MX powered board boasted many advanced multimedia capabilities, but sadly, Nvidia walked away from the concept, concluding the product could not compete against the All-in-Wonder series by ATI. With AMD killing the AiW series, we have to wait and see who will be next in the multimedia-meets-GPU arena. For now, Compro is focusing on advanced TV tuners.

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