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jmke 15th May 2008 13:19

Companies Adopt "Just Say No" Policy On Vista, Wait For Windows 7
While Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates recently described that Vista was moving units at a "rapid sales rate", Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Ballmer told executives in a recent meeting that Vista was a "work in progress". The Microsoft designers who made Vista's unpopular User Account Control (UAC) admitted that it was designed to "annoy" the standard user. Perhaps even more revealing, Ballmer, while praising adoption rates at MIX 08 admitted to problems with the OS stating, "we did make the choice to kind of hurt compatibility, and our customers have let us know that has been very painful."

Vista has not received a much kinder reception with customers. While much of the blame for poor initial compatibility and problems since rests with third party hardware and PC manufacturers, Vista has been getting blasted for its problems. Market research firm Gartner said that Windows could collapse if the trends from Vista continue. The OS has earned Microsoft a major lawsuit for its high hardware requirements, which the plaintiffs allege Microsoft glossed over in advertising. And fair or not, many customers have turned back to the reliable Windows XP, abandoning Vista, to the chagrin of Microsoft.

Wolf2000me 15th May 2008 19:58

Vista == MeČ

I wonder how long it's going to take for MS to release Dx10 for XP. Does anyone have any clues about this one, or am i waiting to hear what I want to hear? :)

Kougar 15th May 2008 21:11

Vista isn't Me... Windows Me was unstable as heck. Once Nvidia fixed their driver problems Vista has been just as stable as XP for me.

MS is not releasing DX10 for XP... they see no reason to overhaul XP to gain DX10 support when the OS is already "replaced" by Vista.

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