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jmke 22nd June 2004 13:28

Command & Conquer 3?
They say a picture is worth a thousand words

The Senile Doctor 22nd June 2004 13:55

hmm. give me warcraft 4 or total annihilation 2.

or diablo3 :)

jmke 22nd June 2004 13:56

of all the RTS game I ever played, I loved C&C (original one.. in VGA) the most, must have played that game 40+ hours during the weekends :)

The Senile Doctor 22nd June 2004 14:01

the original was great, but wc3 gave me most fun :)

jmke 22nd June 2004 14:01

don't like the 3D look, TA did it better in my humble opinion.

kr15t0f 22nd June 2004 21:14

idd, warcraft 3 rox. Together with c&c generals the only games I ever bought :D. Both very good games btw. But C&C generals multiplayer sucked. And is :o

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