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jmke 9th July 2008 09:29

Colbert Bump - Firefox 3 Proves its Existence
Many of us at Mozilla and within the Mozilla community were excited when Stephen Colbert gave Firefox 3 his “Colbert Bump” on the day of Firefox 3’s launch . Download Day was a wild success, and we were happy to share some thanks and credit with Stephen. However, a few questions naturally arose, e.g., what was the direct impact of the Colbert Bump? and could the effect be precisely measured? Here’s what we did: we looked at downloads of Firefox 3 by users within the U.S. – and then we drilled down to a minute-by-minute view to see what, if anything, could be detected. At minute 23 of the broadcast, Colbert said, “Firefox 3 just got the Colbert Bump.” What happened next? We saw a big spike in downloads exactly one and two minutes later

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