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Stefan Mileschin 10th January 2013 10:49

CM Storm Speed-RXL Mouse Pad @
Mouse Pads. In today's world they are becoming something of an
endanged species. The days of needing a mouse pad so your mouse can
properly track your desired movements on screen is pretty much at an
end. The introduction of optical mice opened the door to that with
laser mice pretty much kicking the door wide open.

These days all you need to use a mouse is a smooth surface. However
not all PC users feel that the days of the mouse pad are at an end.
Quite the opposite. This particular group of PC users will swear up,
and down that a mouse pad is still a necessity. These group of PC
users are gamers.

It's almost unheard of a PC gamer not using a mouse pad in conjunction
with a mouse to game. That is why companies like Razer, Corsair, and
Steele Series, just to name a few, have continued to produce and
distribute mouse pads designed specifically for gamers in mind. Trying
to improve on their designs to give gamers the edge they desire in
whatever games they play.Recently CM Storm has joined the ranks of
companies trying to build a better mouse pad (You get it? Mouse trap?
Mouse pad? Ha!), and have introduced into the market the Speed-RXL
gaming mouse.

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