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jmke 25th November 2004 11:36

Choosing the Best CPU for Half-Life 2
Following our detailed test report about the contemporary graphics cards performance in half-Life 2 game we decided to pay special attention to the CPU performance in it. In our new article you will find the results obtained for 29 different platforms. Make your choice today!

29! :o

Sidney 25th November 2004 16:13

You must be kidding me, out of 29 I own the last CPU, damn freaking article making me sick to my stomach.:)

jmke 25th November 2004 16:14

my cheapo S754 A64 3000+ rig does quite well :)

Magnum_ 25th November 2004 16:26

It might have been interesting to do at least one test with HT DISABLED on a P4 s478 and s775, just for comparison.

jmke 25th November 2004 16:31


Originally posted by Magnum_
that pretty much explains INTEL's lower scores, HL2 is only using 50% of the CPU :grum:

Sidney 25th November 2004 16:32

But I oc'ed the last one to 3.5Ghz, which makes me feel a little better.:)

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